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Zach’s eviction speech and getting evicted (FRUIT LOOPS)

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Zach and Frankie : A Masterpost


So we’re all pretty beaten up about Zach leaving but let’s remember the awesome journey that we had watching these two get close and become best friends, 

Let’s start from the beginning


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Zach on Zankie being the “greatest showmance this show has ever seen” and “No hard feelings” :)

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Also, I have a treat for you guys :) I didn’t want to post it till I had both parts ready but considering how down everyone is right now, I thought it might help if we remember the good times. So here’s an HOUR of the cutest, most adorable, Zankie moments, from beginning to before a few weeks ago (when I thought for sure Zach was getting evicted and I started making this haha).

This took me so long to put together and I still have to make part 2 (it wouldn’t let me upload more than an hour). So enjoy and I should be done with part 2 soon. (I know people will share this without my name attached to it so if any of you see someone upload it somewhere else or try to take credit for it, please let me know :)

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More Zach on Frankie during Julie’s interview

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Zach’s zing!

"I am never going to forget you, Frankie. Ever."

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